Check out our latest STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Maths) challenge in the Middle School Option....

Who can build the highest structure?

You can only touch the string.

Communication is key....


Today during our ALL group (Advanced Learning in Literacy), Ms. Taylor brought in three little lambs. We brainstormed our prior knowledge about lambs and then wrote questions to further our understanding.

Thank you Ms. Taylor! Can we keep them????

Limericks by Cameron Valivaka

Room 25 were learning about Limericks and found a really special one to write into our books:

There was an old man from Peru
who dreamt he was eating his shoe.
He woke in the night
In a terrible fright
And found it was perfectly true!

Watchwood Forest, a story by Rhian Ancheta

WALT plan and organise our writing.

A long time ago I went to wake (walk) in the forest. A little while later I saw scery (scary) eyes looking at me. Then a glowing dere (deer) told me that they were kind. Then I felt shey (shy). So I went home. The next day I went back to the forest and I tolde (told) them stores (stories). In the next few days I dident (didn't) fele (feel) shey (shy) eny more (anymore). So we plaed (played) gams (games). We leved (lived) hapley (happily) ever after.

Report: The Teacher

WALT describe and present the aspects of an animal.

Title: The Teacher.

Classification: It is a female human. It is a middle school teacher. 

Description: It is tall and skinny. It has green eyes and blonde hair. It wears dresses.

Location: It can be found all over the world. It spends most of its time in schools. It lives in a house.

Dynamics: It teaches children. It likes to eat cheese and chocolates. It drinks water and coffee. It hates noise.

Summary: It loves children. It works hard. It is kind.

Written by Cash Connelly

Tapa Cloths for Samoan Language Week

Tapa cloths by Ana Kiteau

How to make a Tapa cloth. The first thing you will need is a cloth. You will need a paint brush and black paint and white paint. You make a pattern on your cloth, any pattern. Let it dry out. Me and my mum spend a lot of time to make it. We put it on the wall so people can like our house. I love my mom she is a good helper.